Solar air heating – build your own solar air heater

Did you know that you can heat your house for FREE, and save thousands of dollars, with minimum effort, just by using energy from the sun? And that this is so simple and easy that it can be done by ANYBODY? No special tools and no special skills required.

Now, at last, the solar air heater solution enables you to break free from the grasp of utility companies, and not care about their rising costs; and all this can be made with simple parts – most of which are probably lying around your house already! Not only will you be paying less and less for the cost of energy, but you’ll also be helping the environment, and you’ll be able to recoup your investment in NO TIME, guaranteed.

So, let’s sum up what the solar air heating can bring you:

  • you will heat your house for free, and save up big money every month
  • you get rid of the rising prices shoved by the utility companies
  • you help the environment
  • it’s so easy and safe, anyone can do it in just ONE afternoon!
  • it runs for years, with no maintenance
  • it is completeley safe
  • can be placed anywhere, even in places without electricity and gas

Does this interest you? If yes, then read on…

We live in a world where sadly, the cost of energy is constantly rising, up to the point where it just becomes outrageous. But with solar air heating, you take advantage of the world’s most natural resource, sunlight, to heat your home. What are some other alternatives to this ? Well, if you don’t care about your health and comfort, you can just suck it up and do without heating – but let’s be serious, nobody wants this; perhaps you could use some other heating device, and switch it on and off. Yeah, this pain in the neck will get you nowhere, and probably even increase the cost of your bill! Or maybe, you can use gas or something else to heat your home. But the painful truth is no matter what you use, the price for your utilities will just keep growing.

Are you feeling frustrated about these costs ? Well, you have every right to be – it’s not your fault, there’s nothing you can do about it. But here’s what you can do:

Use the most effective source of heating. This is the next big thing!

Too good, you might say? Not at all! We have strayed from one of the most important resources on our planet: the Sun’s warmth. We have allowed big companies to trick us into thinking there is no other way for us to get energy and heating than from them. But they are wrong! You shouldn’t pay for something you can get for free, while helping the environment as well.

So, what is a solar air heater ? The shortest answer woud be: It is a simple system that captures the Sun’s rays and converts their energy into heat. Here’s how it works:

Solar air heating schematic

It’s beauty and efficiency lies in its simplicity, and if you don’t think the Sun has enough power to heat your home, then you should know this: The temperature inside solar heaters can reach over 220 degrees ! It’s this hot air that will bring the warmth in your home in no time; and it’s so good that it can eliminate heating costs for any living space, be it an apartment or house, a garage, workshop, mobine home, cabin, trailer, or even stables or chicken coops!

Solar air heater diagramOn cloudy days, the heat circulated by the solar air heater is, of course, reduced, but even then it has been found that it can effectively complement existing heating sources (gas, wood, electricity), and still cut those bills. It’s literary non-stop FREE energy!

Typically, a solar air heater solution is merchandised by specialized companies at around ~$2500 – that’s at a per solar mate  basis and does not include installation fees. This is an extraordinary inflated price, which takes advantage of the low competition in the US market and speculate for a huge profit.

How come something so simple, so natural, so efficient cost that much? With this in mind, this step-by-step guide was set in place, tweaked and perfected, thanks to your constant feedback, so that anyone can develop his own solar air heater solution fast, easy, and cheap.

Yes, with less than $30 you can build your very own solar air heater now, and put those thousands of dollars wasted on energy bills or the retail version straight to your pocket.

Now, you might be thinking ‘I’m not the handyman type‘, or ‘All this do-it-yourself is not for me‘, but let me tell you, this is about as easy as it gets – and this A to Z guide will walk you through every step of the way, will explain all the features, and will ensure that you don’t pay one cent more for heating.

You might also be thinking ‘If this is so good, why aren’t many people using it already?’. Mostly, because it’s REVOLUTIONARY – 7 other countries rank higher than the US in solar heating use. As a matter of fact, in some countries, it’s actually required to be on new home construction.

So, here is the kind of thing you will need for a very basic solar air heating unit, just so you can get an idea:

  • fencing pickets, or some other type of wood
  • black paint
  • soda cans
  • glass
  • foam insulation
  • caulk
  • a PC fan
  • a cheap thermostat

Most of the these are already lying around your garage, gathering dust, when they could serve a higher purpose. The rest are incredibly easy to find, and even the biggest amateurs with no DIY experience can do it. You can put your money back in your pocket and go green at the same time you watch your utility bill drop.

Before this guide hit the web, this kind of solution was reserved to people like engineers who had the know-how and expertise necessary. Other online guides are superficial, and are merely showcase-orientated outlining a bit of the process and presenting the finished product. Now, even a twelve year old who can hold a power tool and read can apply this step-by-step guide and build a cheap and reliable solar air heater unit within an afternoon. It’s all here; every step, every hurdle, every tweak and every trick, all blueprinted with one purpose:

How to build the most efficient air solar heater

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Here’s what’s included in this pack:

Solar Air Heater Guide

Guide #1 – Introduction to Solar Air Heating

  • How to analyze your conditions, including windows and sunlight, in order to maximize success
  • What are the critical factors which can improve or degrade your performance
  • How to plan your solar heater installation

Guide #2 – How to Build a Solar Window Heater

  • How you can build a portable window using mostly just scrap materials
  • What materials do you need, and where can you get the lowest price
  • Step by step guide

Guide #3 – How to Build a Solar Wall Heater

  • How to use one of the simplest, most efficient designs out there: the ‘Trombe Wall’ design
  • Comprehensive step by step guide with recommendations for cheapest parts
  • How to apply the same design sold by merchandisers for over $2000

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Complementary solar air heater guides for FREE

  • Top Secrets to Finding Parts for Cheap. Learn how to find parts for your solar heater at a fraction of the retail price, or possibly for free.
  • Online Video Library. Essential guides and information presented in a video format.
  • Energy Audit Starter Kit. This guide will teach you solar energy basics, and will offer you the means and insights of calculating how much money solar energy can save your household.

Join the energy revolution, build your first Solar Air Heater NOW!

Let’s recap why you should order the solar air heater guide:

  • Solar Air Heating FREE heating that WORKS! There are literary thousands of people across the US who have been benefiting from this kind of technology for decades, and are saving THOUSANDS of DOLLARS.
  • It’s so EASY even a toddler can set this up in an afternoon.
  • You’ll be doing your part for the environment. The carbon footprint and pollution factor for the solar air heater is a big ZERO.
  • It can run for DECADES without any maintenance.
  • 100% money back guaranteeTechnical support. This guide is meant to deal with most possible issues you might face building a solar air heater, however if you find yourself stuck at a point, we offer a private forum where more comprehensive resources can be found, as well as interactive support by other members, who have successfully completed their DIY project.
  • No RISK! This product bundle comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you feel you’re not satisfied with the quality of this guide or end results within 60 days, you can ask for a full refund.


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